Forty-Nine Pops
colored pencil on paper
22" x 12"
From the wordplay series---all images in each drawing pertain to a word.All images here refer to a kind of "pop."
Vehicle #7
colored pencil on paper
36 " x 12"
Part of series of drawings documenting what is in people's vehicles
Everything in My Bag #28
colored pencil on paper
20" x 12"
From the "Everything in Her Bag" series---65 drawings of the contents of women's bags. Women range in age, class, race and profession.
Everybody Gets One
2001 ongoing
colored pencil on paper
60' x 12" top 12" process
Everybody Gets One (EGO), It is a series of 27 five foot by one foot drawings of postage-stamped-sized reproductions of everyone else’s art--over 1100 images have been drawn thus far. All artists and artisans, from the famous to the obscure are represented by one piece. The images are gathered from books, postcards and magazines as well as through my requests for images from artists in different communities. There is one drawing for every letter in the alphabet (plus one for anonymous) thus the artists’ work is on the drawing with the first letter of his/her last (family) name.